Are you prepared for cyber war?

  • Is your enterprise prepared to deal with the hidden threats lurking on the Net ?
  • Threats that can circumvent the traditional perimeter defenses and penetrate deep inside Your corporate network to compromise your enterprise’s crown jewels ?
  • Threats that can inadvertently incur costly legislation penalties ?
  • Threats that can undermine & tarnish your brand image ?
  • Threats that can endanger the very existence of your enterprise ?

The success of any business largely depends on how much of due care and due diligence with respect to security is practiced in enterprises. Enterprises of all types and sizes have been attacked and those who were not adequately prepared and did not handle the attacks effectively are in some cases no longer around to talk about it.

Sentelist – The Enterprise Security Evangelist can help you to prepare and lower the risk of an attack happening in the first place by providing you with the complete know-how and turnkey solutions garnered from more than a decade’s worth of experience in the trenches to combat with the burgeoning security threats faced by today’s enterprises.

The ubiquitous nature of the web and the current amazingly new corporate trend to web-enable all most all applications over the Internet, has triggered the emergence of an unequivocally dangerous kind of threat to the enterprises worldwide. All a potential attacker now needs is a browser to hack in to your systems and gain access to sensitive information like credit cards, private financial information etc.

The threat is further compounded due to the fact that traditional defenses like routers, firewalls, network Intrusion Detection Systems & Intrusion Prevention Systems are just not adequate enough to handle these types of emerging dangerous threats. As a matter of fact, enterprises of all types and sizes have been attacked and those who were not adequately “prepared” to deal with the security threats in a timely and effective manner have in some cases ceased to exist.

To learn more about these real security threats and its potential business impact, please click on the links on your browser’s right frame to view the recently updated hacking incidents that affected many enterprises like yours globally.

Information Security is vital for an organization’s sucess. Enterprises today must prepare for the inevitable by having effective security strategies in place. As Sun Tzu wisely said “strategy is not just planning in the sense of working through a to-do list, instead it requires quickly responding appropriately to changing conditions”. The security landscape is constantly changing and enterprises must urgently respond to this change with effective security strategies in order to survive and prosper.

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Who is Sentelist?

Sentelist FZE, is a young vendor independent IT security consultancy firm based in the SAIF Zone, UAE. Sentelist’s security experts have assisted many enterprises like , Telecos, Internet Service Providers, Managed Hosting & Security Providers, large Corporate Banks, Retail industries etc. in designing IT security strategies for their businesses.

In addition to providing the highest levels of security consultancy, Sentelist also provides a robust suite of security services and security training programs custom made to empower IT professionals with the right security skills and competencies needed to protect their corporate systems.