Information security involves all of the actions taken to protect an organization’s business data and related assets. Sentelist has developed a robust suite of security services to help enterprises deal with the burgeoning security threats faced by todays enterprises. These services revolve around the concept that information security is an ongoing process designed to achieve an acceptable level of risk. Following are some of our standard security services that we currently offer:

Enterprise Security Assessment Services:

1. Hosts Security assessment
2. Perimeter Network Infrastructure Security assessment
3. Internal Network Infrastructure security assessment
4. Wireless infrastructure security assessment
5. Web services security assessment
6. Security polcies Gap Analysis assessment
7. Vulnerability assessment
8. Risk assessment

Enterprise Security Auditing Services

1. Security polices and procedures auditing based on BS7799, ISO1799 & ISO 27001 standards
2. External Penetration testing
3. Internal Penetration testing
4. Web Application Penetration testing
5. Source code auditing

Enterprise Security Design & development services:

1. Secure Network Architecture design
2. Security Roadmap design and development
3. Enterprise Information Security Management based on ISO 27001 design & development
4. Security Operations Management design and development
5. Incident Response program design and development
6. Vulnerability management design development

Enterprise Security Response Services

1. Incident Handling and Response
2. Investigations and Forensics