Security Training Solutions.

Protecting our enterprises from critical security threats requires proactive and constant measures. Our people play a key role in keeping our enterprises and businesses’s secure. The age old proverb, “chance truly favors the prepared mind” is especially true while dealing with security incidents. If our people are prepared with the right knowledge and right skills then dealing with security issues can be very straightfoward, if not it might prove to be a big nightmare.

With the objective of imparting the right security knowledge and the right security skills to the region, Sentelist has designed several security training programs to assist and empower individuals and enterprises to be prepared to deal with security issues effectively in a timely manner.

Our Instructors

Sentelist’s instructors have rich practical experience garnered from the “trenches” through years of consulting assignments on big projects for large organizations. Some of our instructors are also SANS Instructors who regularly teach at various SANS conferences all over the world.  Additionally, our Instructors are prominent speakers and have frequently delivered keynotes and talks at various regional conferences such as RSA, null con etc.

  • Hacking Techniques & Defensive Strategies
  • Information Security Foundations for Managers
  • Incident Handling and Response
  • Securing and Defending Web Applications